Individualizing and Personalizing Communication and Literacy Instruction for Children who are Deafblind

  • Susan Bruce
  • Marleen Janssen
  • Susan Bashinski
Keywords: Individualizing, personalizing, communication, literacy, interactions, deafblind


Interviews, field notes, and 66 communication and literacy lessons, shared between 23 teachers and speech-language pathologists and 22 children who are deafblind (in the United States and the Netherlands), were analyzed to identify professional views and instructional strategies related to individualizing and personalizing instruction.  All 66 lessons featured extensive individualization strategies; six were also personalized (e.g. they were about the child’s experiences).  Knowing the student and family, collaboration and continuity among professionals, understanding each student’s unique communication, and adjusting instruction in the moment supported individualizing instruction.  Shared experiences, memories, and emotions were central to personalizing instruction.